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We meet online on Skype:
For our online sessions we will use Skype, which is very convenient for doing online lessons.

Trial Lesson (30 Mins):
Our first lesson is going to be a trial lesson, in which we will get to know each other; I will evaluate your level in Greek, and I will present you the structure of our courses (the material, the tools and how it is done) and we will set the learning goals for you. Also, we will agree  times and days for our weekly meetings should you wish to continue!

P.S.: If you are a complete beginner we will just skip the evaluation part!

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1) For me there isn’t formal or informal teaching. There is only one way: The right way. This means that by the end of our courses you will be eligible for taking the relevant Greek state’s Certification exams “ELLINOMATHEIA” if you like.
2) You will not be given false promises that you will learn Greek in a month or within 1 or 2 hours, where in most cases you end up just with a random touristy vocabulary, zero grammar, zero knowledge in Greek Language structure, foreign accent.
3) Educational procedure is determined by the pace of the student. Nevertheless, mind that for most students it takes about 6 months to go from 0 to Basic user.